9th November 2016


Today I wear the badge of my ethnicity with pride. I wear it in solidarity, to show my American brother and sisters, those who are marginalised, those who are scared that I am with you. I hear your concerns. Others will tell you your concerns are invalid, over exaggerated and baseless. I know that not to be true.

A vote for Trump is a vote against all the sections of society that he has deemed to humiliate, to berate, to punish. People say that they voted for Trump because he will make America great again, ignoring your pleas that Trump’s America doesn’t include you, or your civil liberties.

We can only judge an individual on what we know of them, and whether or not Trump actually does half of the things he said he would is another matter. RIGHT NOW, your fear is justified.

I wear the badge of my ethnicity because I am British, and despite Brexit and our choice, a choice made through fear (just like the choice that was made for you) I am still proud to be British, to be English, to be a Londoner.

Find your pride, know that across the pond there are SO MANY people thinking of you, sending you hope and insisting that Love always wins.

Today I am sad for the world, but through my sadness, and my tears, I am trying to find some light. I hope you find some too.




National Poetry Day

Created by http://poetweet.com.br – taking your tweets and turning them into poems. Choose between a Sonnet, Rondel or Indriso


Pre-birthday shenanigans
by Gigi

And ready for performance.…
Me so happy Join the resistance
Lashes. You’re going to look LUSH.

Not up there until end of August.
Continues in the #indianmusic
Didn’t he just!
Looking forward to all the music

Now. #PoCPostBrexit #PostRefRacism
Ups and downs of the process
But at least it’s not colonialism

It goes to the top of the list.
On their website. Aaaaaaaaargh.
On about NYC and being an “artist”


Their website
by Gigi

Answer his phone when I call…
Now for pre-birthday shenanigans.
And full draft. Congrats all!
What the word weekend means…

And so it begins…
Tweeting as I read SO many feels.
Stole the show as Mr. Collins!
In a sea of chocolate and mussels

Supported by Get involved #BAME
We’re not hurling abuse. That’s 1/2
Are they not doing the same?
In the area catch for treats.
Pit of weirdness. I blame


by Gigi

I like her. I’d be mates with her!
We have a free taster session!
Good. I can’t make the 2nd either!

Going home to hug the hubbster…
Now. #PoCPostBrexit #PostRefRacism
And excited to get shopping later.

Answer his phone when I call…

It’s been years! How exciting.

Devising Home is Where…

Devising is a strange theatrical technique. As an ensemble, you either get it, or you don’t. I’m really happy to say that Hyphenated gets it. Amy Clare Tasker and I have the dream-team writer-director working relationship! She consults me on her plans for our devising sessions and we script together, whilst respecting my artistic role. If all working relationships were like this, I’d never create anything alone!

We’re now on the RichMix website and you can buy tickets for what we’re calling a platform performance. A polished presentation of work-in-progress. Come, give us feedback.

On Theatre

A friend of mine sent me an interview with Tom Stoppard, published in the Paris Review. He’s a great playwright and it’s a very interesting interview. But I just wanted to share this, my favourite bit. I’ve discovered a lot about my writing process through taking part in #29playslater


What is the most difficult aspect of playwriting?




And the easiest?




What about the curtain lines? Do they come first and then you work your way towards them, or do they arrive in the natural progression of writing the dialogue?


Curtain lines tend to be produced under the pressure of the preceding two or three acts, and usually they seem so dead right, to me anyway, that it really is as if they were in the DNA, unique and inevitable.

Academic Expeditions Trip 2015

Exploring Shakespeare and Modern Theatre in the UK

During April 2015 I accompanied a group of 26 students and chaperones from Mater Dei High School on a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon and London. Students toured a number of historical sites and theatres, and took workshops with Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust, National Theatre, and independent theatre practitioners.

I learnt that you can inspire young people to be excited about Shakespeare, and through that, rekindled my own passion for the Bard. The themes of his plays are so relevant to the societies we live in and watching students make those connections is empowering; not only for them, but also as a practitioner.

I enjoy watching people experience London and seeing my great city through a fresh pair of eyes. I told the students to look down side streets, to observe people as they walk, eat and talk. Seeing their excitement is like falling in love all over again. There isn’t a feeling in the world like walking along one of the bridges at night and I’m so glad I got to share that with others.

Below are some videos highlights-

Google Story
Academic Expeditions

Current/Upcoming Projects

Creatively, I’m on a high!

In the last few months of 2013 I had numerous conversations with playwrights about development opportunities. Having spent some time in New York where over-development of theatre is rife, I knew offering writers “help” in creating full-length plays is something that requires balance.

So the London PLaywriting Lab was born. It’s for anyone, for everyone. We don’t care if you are over 25/if this is your first real attempt at writing/you’ve had some stuff performed but it’s not good enough for the big theatres, all we ask is that you have an idea. Something tangible that you’re willing to dedicate some time and effort to. So that’s that.

A friend of mine cares about breasts, I mean don’t we all..? But she really cares, and alongside the #coppafeel movement, she’s organised a fundraiser for breast cancer. I’ll be presenting a short play inspired by the many, many nicknames for breasts and asking the question, how great are they really?


Buy your tickets here

Then there’s the Forum Theatre piece I’ve been commissioned to write by Sense Theatre (dependent on funding) and the event as part of Camden Fringe that I may or may not be allowed to talk about…

Phew, more details as they arrive.

In the meantime, please buy tickets for the coppafeel fundraiser, it will be a night of fun and frivolity, raising money for something very real and harrowing for so many women.

OH, and, I’m also really happy to say that I’m embracing my Essex roots and will be working on projects with Romford Contemporary Arts Program in the near future. I’ve had a horrible love/hate relationship with Romford for a long time, but it’s been so great to connect with other artists in the area. Thanks to the likes of TOWIE, our reputation is under even more scrutiny, but there’s so much talent to be found amongst the young people of Romford and I look forward to discovering it!