Proud to be a Tamasha Playwright 2016/2017

Education & Outreach at The Thelmas

Co-founder of the London Playwriting Lab
a new script development initiative for writers, by writers

Olly Olly in Fre

As an artist I’m most intrigued by writing and devising. The written word moves me and movement motivates me. I think human physicality and the way we express ourselves non-verbally is an important part of theatre.

I am passionate about creating diverse stories that are rooted in our modern society. I want to create plays that offer opportunities for actors of all colours and shapes and sizes. I am committed to using my voice to explore what makes us human, all the good things and the bad things that we do to, and for each other.

I am dedicated to nurturing all forms of new writing. I read for the annual New Jersey Young Playwrights Competition, the Space, Tamasha and as part of the London Playwriting Lab.

As a director I work exclusively with new writing, and young people.

Theatre is perfect for analysing, exploring and commenting on our ever-changing society; it can lead the way for social change.  As a follower of the work of Augusto Boal (I  trained with his son (Julian) in Rio de Janeiro), I will always keep the foundations of Theatre of the Oppressed within my work.

A full list of my Theatre credits can be found on the dedicated page