Day 5

My towel is in the ring. I fling it in, admit defeat and breathe a sigh of relief. If I’m honest I didn’t want to do this, the sense of dread as the first prompt landed in my inbox said it all. But I’d already paid by then, and well, I like to think of as non-quitter. I am sticking to some sort of ritual though. February is a good month for rituals, it’s my Birthday month and with birthdays come the inevitable doom and gloom. In order to combat that I like to throw myself into something….

Anyway, tonight instead of writing a murder mystery, I read Brainstorm. I was inspired by how simple and honest storytelling wins every time. Kids talking about parents and their brains in terms of science and personal anecdotes makes for a very readable (and I imagine watchable) half an hour. As someone who works with young people, sometimes we try and overcomplicate things, but really all we need to do is capture their raw talent.

I’d definitely recommend it.




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