Day 1

Here we are. Day 1 of #28playslater

I’m in such a more different place in my writing than I was last year. My play Coconut is in the R&D stages, I’m part of the Tamasha Playwrights 2016/2017 and basically understand playwriting in a way I never did before.

I’ll confess, I almost sacked off this process before even starting last night as I’m working on 3 projects and the thought of writing more on top of that exhausted me. I considered doing a reading challenge, where I read a play every day instead. I feel like that’s what’s really important right now. I need to be reading more plays, seeing more plays to understand more about ambitious stagecraft. Maybe I’ll do that next month…

Anyway, my point is, to make this challenge more relevant, I decided to play with the kind of plays I’ll write. SO day 1 is an audio play. We did a workshop on it as part of Tamasha and I’m really intrigued by what you can achieve with sound.

Let’s write a play about “19/28″ –  Read 19:28


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