9th November 2016


Today I wear the badge of my ethnicity with pride. I wear it in solidarity, to show my American brother and sisters, those who are marginalised, those who are scared that I am with you. I hear your concerns. Others will tell you your concerns are invalid, over exaggerated and baseless. I know that not to be true.

A vote for Trump is a vote against all the sections of society that he has deemed to humiliate, to berate, to punish. People say that they voted for Trump because he will make America great again, ignoring your pleas that Trump’s America doesn’t include you, or your civil liberties.

We can only judge an individual on what we know of them, and whether or not Trump actually does half of the things he said he would is another matter. RIGHT NOW, your fear is justified.

I wear the badge of my ethnicity because I am British, and despite Brexit and our choice, a choice made through fear (just like the choice that was made for you) I am still proud to be British, to be English, to be a Londoner.

Find your pride, know that across the pond there are SO MANY people thinking of you, sending you hope and insisting that Love always wins.

Today I am sad for the world, but through my sadness, and my tears, I am trying to find some light. I hope you find some too.




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