National Poetry Day

Created by – taking your tweets and turning them into poems. Choose between a Sonnet, Rondel or Indriso


Pre-birthday shenanigans
by Gigi

And ready for performance.…
Me so happy Join the resistance
Lashes. You’re going to look LUSH.

Not up there until end of August.
Continues in the #indianmusic
Didn’t he just!
Looking forward to all the music

Now. #PoCPostBrexit #PostRefRacism
Ups and downs of the process
But at least it’s not colonialism

It goes to the top of the list.
On their website. Aaaaaaaaargh.
On about NYC and being an “artist”


Their website
by Gigi

Answer his phone when I call…
Now for pre-birthday shenanigans.
And full draft. Congrats all!
What the word weekend means…

And so it begins…
Tweeting as I read SO many feels.
Stole the show as Mr. Collins!
In a sea of chocolate and mussels

Supported by Get involved #BAME
We’re not hurling abuse. That’s 1/2
Are they not doing the same?
In the area catch for treats.
Pit of weirdness. I blame


by Gigi

I like her. I’d be mates with her!
We have a free taster session!
Good. I can’t make the 2nd either!

Going home to hug the hubbster…
Now. #PoCPostBrexit #PostRefRacism
And excited to get shopping later.

Answer his phone when I call…

It’s been years! How exciting.


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