About Me

So the following used to be on my “about me” page and recently it struck me as highly unprofessional. Not that I use this blog/site as much as I should. There is work to be done, I understand that. I’m currently a part time content and social media manager for a marketing agency. This led me to consider that really, it’s all well and good preaching to clients about how their websites aren’t representing their business accurately, when in truth I’ve never really made the most of this. So I’m filing my flirty “about me” as I don’t think it’s quite far to let it go entirely.

A couple of Colombians once described me as having “brutal energy”.

I ramble a lot. I’m erratic. I’m a  work-out fiend, a book fiend and a coffee snob. I enjoy eating, sometimes treats that I’ve baked myself. I’m always dropping things on my foot, or walking into doors- I put it down to poor spatial awareness. I could write a list of random things that I enjoy (or don’t) for hours on end and if they were printed out and lined up next to each other they would probably reach from here (London) to Rio de Janeiro (conveniently my favourite place in the world). I guess that makes me opinionated, or passionate…whichever is the more favourable adjective..


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