Academic Expeditions Trip 2015

Exploring Shakespeare and Modern Theatre in the UK

During April 2015 I accompanied a group of 26 students and chaperones from Mater Dei High School on a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon and London. Students toured a number of historical sites and theatres, and took workshops with Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust, National Theatre, and independent theatre practitioners.

I learnt that you can inspire young people to be excited about Shakespeare, and through that, rekindled my own passion for the Bard. The themes of his plays are so relevant to the societies we live in and watching students make those connections is empowering; not only for them, but also as a practitioner.

I enjoy watching people experience London and seeing my great city through a fresh pair of eyes. I told the students to look down side streets, to observe people as they walk, eat and talk. Seeing their excitement is like falling in love all over again. There isn’t a feeling in the world like walking along one of the bridges at night and I’m so glad I got to share that with others.

Below are some videos highlights-

Google Story
Academic Expeditions

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