Current/Upcoming Projects

Creatively, I’m on a high!

In the last few months of 2013 I had numerous conversations with playwrights about development opportunities. Having spent some time in New York where over-development of theatre is rife, I knew offering writers “help” in creating full-length plays is something that requires balance.

So the London PLaywriting Lab was born. It’s for anyone, for everyone. We don’t care if you are over 25/if this is your first real attempt at writing/you’ve had some stuff performed but it’s not good enough for the big theatres, all we ask is that you have an idea. Something tangible that you’re willing to dedicate some time and effort to. So that’s that.

A friend of mine cares about breasts, I mean don’t we all..? But she really cares, and alongside the #coppafeel movement, she’s organised a fundraiser for breast cancer. I’ll be presenting a short play inspired by the many, many nicknames for breasts and asking the question, how great are they really?


Buy your tickets here

Then there’s the Forum Theatre piece I’ve been commissioned to write by Sense Theatre (dependent on funding) and the event as part of Camden Fringe that I may or may not be allowed to talk about…

Phew, more details as they arrive.

In the meantime, please buy tickets for the coppafeel fundraiser, it will be a night of fun and frivolity, raising money for something very real and harrowing for so many women.

OH, and, I’m also really happy to say that I’m embracing my Essex roots and will be working on projects with Romford Contemporary Arts Program in the near future. I’ve had a horrible love/hate relationship with Romford for a long time, but it’s been so great to connect with other artists in the area. Thanks to the likes of TOWIE, our reputation is under even more scrutiny, but there’s so much talent to be found amongst the young people of Romford and I look forward to discovering it!


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