Around this time last year I attempted the 365 Project- taking a picture a day for one whole year. I failed somewhere around May.

If I take what I wrote in my last post seriously, this is the final year before 30…this is the year to be creative, to get stuff done. As I embark on this set of 365 days, I’d like to document more. Facebook reminds me how little pictures I take. Often I flick through and it’s almost as if I didn’t exist last year. 2011 was a void. This strange half-year of living in-between two worlds. Missing people an ocean away and neglecting those right by my side.

Day 1/365 reminds me that I’m in London and I’m here to stay (for a while at least) and I should embrace the sense of freedom that arrives with a UTR and freelancer status. I mean, otherwise it would be called a stucklancer and that just lacks any sense of eloquence.

So my Unique Tax Reference is finally here. Now to find opportunities to use it…


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