freelancing and caking


A thought occurred to me the other day- I’ve been job searching, in one way or another since I graduated. The first time around. July, 2004.

That’s nearly 8 years of assessing and re-assessing myself. Over 90 months of choosing the right words to express my ‘diverse skill set’, explaining my abilities and barking on about my dedication and abounding enthusiasm.  Sure, there were times I was gallivanting around South America, or back in full time education, but when I really think about it, 8 whole years or reaching out, networking, drafting cover letters, it’s beginning to feel as though the vigour with which I attack application forms is depleting. I find reasons not to complete them and miss the deadline, or just flat-out announce to no-one in particular that I can’t be bothered. Who wants a full-time job anyway…?

Then, something happens and I realise that freelancing is pretty sweet. Picking up projects, designing my own schedule, being able to go to the gym when it’s empty- all awesome perks.

This weekend my mother and I set up Kitty’s Kitchen, our own baking business. Debuting at Rich Mix’s Love Craft Festival, we were pretty well received. As we should be frankly. I’ve been baking for almost 20 years and my mother for what seems like a lifetime before then. My sponges knock the socks off Mr. Kipling’s!

Our ethos is simple:

Honest, handcrafted goodies, baked with good products and no silly icings.

So, yet another string to add to my bow of creative-awesomeness.

If you’re interested in what we can rustle up, send an email to:


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