words words words

I have a skill-
to manipulate.
This is as much about language
as it is love.
Watch me as I
contort my mouth,
construct and constrain
my airways to release sounds
that resemble ordinary words
but signify thickly woven
reams of meaning to
lasso you in.

I bob, weave, surf
through a sea of speechlessness
on a board of
witty anecdotes-
my intense vocabulary
is my Excalibur
with which I jab, cut and stab
away the outer layers
of your emotional protection.

It’s not what I say
but that I say it, oh so well
whispering over the delicate skin
surrounding that part of you
that even I can not name.
Can you feel my lips as they sound out
oohs and aaahs over your tongue?
Pluck, tease, twist your heart strings
using only my linguistic prowess?

I command your attention.
This is more than us.
Our depth intertwined with
Nouns and verbs.
Your adjectives embrace my fingers,
Driving forward my manipulation
Of our moments.

Our history objectified
Simplified, into a string
Of grammatical points
Arching high
and then soaring towards a
plateau of temptation
from which I weasel away
using only?

That’s right,
my words.

It’s been a very long time since I have been overcome with inspiration. I raced home from the park in order to get this down. The washing still sits in the dryer, waiting for me to finish, for my brain to stop spewing forth more words. The coffee sits in the microwave where I set it to heat, afraid that if I didn’t record this wave of passing emotion, then I would lose it all together. That’s the constant battle…not being able to capture the energy, the driving force of my very being. I let things slide, it’s part of my easy going nature, but it’s also the thing I fear the most. Being left with nothing; a blank page.

I think when I was writing this, I was taking into the consideration the large amount of spoken word that I’ve been listening to recently. I enjoy rhythm and slow flow. I like hearing poetry sound like music and I’m hoping that I managed to incorporate that into this piece. It’s hard for a post-modern poet to move into the realm of form. Not that this has much…but I’m trying to write, in whichever way it comes.


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